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So just comment here and I'll probably friend you back, I'm a pretty nice girl and I won't bite!
(Previously toxxxicgurl)

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About Me
Jenn. 23. French Canadian. Bilingual. Strong-headed. Sensitive. Fangirl. Crazy. Sarcastic. TV whore. Bookworm. Intellectual. Fun. Anxious. Graphic Designer. Loves shopping. Slowly becoming a coffee addict. Is a little bit too obsessed with True Blood at the moment. Loud. Embarassing. Geek. Complains a lot. Ambitious. Perfectionnist. Loves history and reading random articles on Wikipedia. Hockey <3

True Blood, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Veronica Mars, Supernatural, The Office, Gossip Girl, Bones, Lost, Friday Night Lights, Queer as Folk US, Harper's Island, Skins (S1-2), 90210, Angel, House, Dexter, Dollhouse, Firefly, Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog, Chuck, One Tree Hill, Prison Break (S1-2),  Roswell, Alias, Nip/Tuck, The Vampire Diaries, White Collar, United States of Tara, The Walking Dead, Community, Castle, Carnivale, Fringe, Raising Hope, Project Runway, America's Next Top Model, Cold Case, Breaking Bad.

Eric/Sookie, Buffy/Angel, Veronica/Logan, Chuck/Blair, Bones/Booth, Kate/Sawyer, Sawyer/Juliet, Tim/Tyra, Brian/Justin, Fred/Wesley, Paul/Echo. Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles, Sydney/Vaughn, Christian/Kimber, Jeff/Britta.

Sookie Stackhouse, Eric Northman, Sam Merlotte, Buffy Summers, Anya Jenkins, Andrew Wells, Cordelia Chase, Veronica Mars, Logan Echolls, Sam Winchester, Kate Austen, James "Sawyer" Ford, Juliet Burke, Sun Kwon, Tyra Colette, Tim Riggins, Jason Street, Brian Kinney, Blair Waldorf, Seeley Booth, Sydney Bristow, Michael Vaughn, Will Tippin, Christian Troy, Damon Salvatore, Caroline Forbes, Neal Caffrey, Britta Perry, Burt Chance, Virginia Chance.

Adam Baldwin, Adrianne Palicki, Alexander Skarsgard, Alyson Hannigan, Amanda Seyfried, Amy Adams, Amy Poehler, Anna Faris, Anna Paquin, Ben Stiller, Bill Hader, Blake Lively, Caroline Dhavernas, Christian Kane, David Boreanaz, Drew Barrymore, Emily Deschanel, Evangeline Lilly, Gale Harold, Ian Somerhalder, Jared Padalecki, Jennifer Garner,  Jensen Ackles, Jessica Stroup, Josh Duhamel, Josh Holloway, Julie Benz, Katie Cassidy, Kristen Bell, Kyle Chandler, Leighton Meester, Lizzy Caplan, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Nathan Fillion, Pierce Brosnan, Rachel McAdams, Rashida Jones, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Hansen, Ryan Reynolds, Sandra Bullock, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sophia Bush, Steve Carell, Taylor Kitsch, Will Ferrell, Zooey Deschanel, Bradley Cooper, Michael Vartan, Julian McMahon, Matt Bomer, Hugh Dancy, Emma Stone, Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Stanley Tucci, James Franco, Colin Firth.

Sigur Ros, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Coldplay, Jimmy Eat World, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, Muse, Patrick Watson, Sarah McLachlan, Pierre Lapointe, Placebo, Queen, Snow Patrol, System of a Down, Tegan and Sara, The Prodigy, Pink, Metric, Basement Jaxx, Billy Talent, Damien Rice, Fanfarlo, Kate Havnevik, Laura Marling, Nine Inch Nails, Jonsi, Iron Maiden, Adam Lambert, Adele, Florence and the Machine, Lana Del Rey.

Inglorious Basterds, Donnie Darko, Zoolander, Blades of Glory, Superbad, Cruel Intentions, Inception, Black Swan, Mean Girls, Dumb and Dumber, Requiem for a Dream, Easy A, About a Boy, Finding Nemo, Toy Story 1-2-3, Monsters Inc, Closer, The Prestige, Elf, The Dark Knight, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Moon, Brokeback Mountain, The Pianist, Shaun of the Dead, Little Miss Sunshine, Cast Away, American Psycho.

The Shopaholic Series, The Southern Vampires Series, any books by Marie Laberge, The Time Traveler's Wife, The Temperance Brennan books from Kathy Reichs, Stephen King, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, any books by Patrick Sénécal.

glassballerina | inadream_caps | buffylimselitebuffyverse | vmars_elite | truebloodelite | fandoms_elite | tumblr

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